The Burnt Table by Judson Beaumont Stands on Charred Legs

 - Jan 10, 2012
References: straightlinedesigns
It's impossible to resist the charm and whimsical quality of this designer's furniture. The Burnt Table by Judson Beaumont incorporates a consistent value of endearing eccentricity, presenting itself as a fully functional furnishing with imaginative physical modifications.

Standing just over 20 inches in height, the quirky coffee table looks completely conventional from halfway up. It comprises a 22-square-inch surface with a sturdy frame and four legs. The Eastern Maple wood has been painted a bright cherry red, priming the side table as a minimal but bold addition to a boring bedroom.

However, it is difficult not to take note of the severely scorched footings of the Burnt Table by Judson Beaumont. The bottom portion of each of the supportive posts has been destroyed by flames, left blackened and reduced to fine points. As an aesthetic joke and a comment on the material properties of the wooden piece, this playful table is sure to light up any room.