The Bulletproof Hat Protects Without Blowing Your Cover

 - Dec 30, 2014
References: bulletsafe & gizmag
The Bulletproof Hat by BulletSafe is an otherwise innocuous looking baseball cap that can reduce gunshot damage. The hat is designed for situations where one may need protection but doesn't want to look threatening. This could be ideal for example for underwater police personnel -- the hat looks like any other baseball cap but offers a basic level of bullet protection while still looking unremarkable.

The Bulletproof Hat isn't going to offer 100% protection -- the impact from a bullet round can still do significant damage and could cause a concussion. However this still pales in comparison when compared to the damage and likely death caused by an unimpeded bullet.

Bulletsafe is currently operating a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Bulletproof Hat to production. If you're concerned about keeping your enemies at bay, you can preorder one of these hats for a pledge as low as $99, with shipping expected to commence in late 2015.