Make Your Own Chewy Treats with the Bubblegum Kit

 - Sep 21, 2013
References: amazon & incrediblethings
For the crafty people of the world, this bubblegum kit is another project for you to enjoy.

If you’re a daily gum chewer, this extremely handy kit saves you a trip to the convenience store every time you run out. To ensure you get the most out of this project, the kit comes with corn syrup, a bubblegum base, bubblegum flavor, waxed paper, powdered sugar and even a mixing container and stick. The benefit to making your own gum is you’re in control of what creative flavors you want to come up with as you can add your own ingredients for extra taste.

The bubblegum kit makes over 1/2 a pound of gum and only takes half an hour to make!