This Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner is a Cost-Effective Alternative

 - Sep 22, 2015
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Ensuring that you make time to clean your brushes is something every makeup consumer should make time for, and this homemade brush cleaner solution by Hello Natural is an ideal cost effective alternative. This solution is made from all-natural ingredients making it safe to use on all brush hairs and your skin.

The homemade brush cleaner is made from a solution containing olive oil, witch hazel and castile soap. The olive oil to the castile soap should be a two-to-one ratio that will really work to break down makeup buildup, dirt and bacteria. The solution can be kept in a refillable bottle to keep on hand. To use the solution simply shake the bottle, squirt some into the palm of your hand, take your makeup brush and spin it around in the product. Keep mixing the brush around in the solution till pigment no longer seeps out of the brush.