Bruno Quinquet’s ‘Salaryman Project’ Hides Faces

 - Nov 29, 2012
References: brunoquinquet & mymodernmet
Bruno Quinquet’s ‘Salaryman Project is based in Japan. Although once a French recording engineer, Quinquet entered the photography foray after graduating from the Tokyo Visual Arts College. He has since invested his time into a 6 year-long project that examines the lives of Japan’s top businessman.

Quinquet takes up interest in the politics of street photography. By concealing or blurring the faces of his subjects, he avoids the many legal restraints that are placed on candid portraits. In this way, he maintains the Salaryman Project while also evading a list of limitations.

The conveyance of raw emotion is still present in Quinquet’s work despite the lack of facial expressions. Body language is essential as it reveals feelings that the eyes and mouth do not.