This Funfetti Fairy Brioche Recipe is a Festive Alternative to Cake

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: acozykitchen
If cake isn't your thing, this birthday brioche recipe will help you celebrate with a more subtle dessert. From Adrianna at the food blog A Cozy Kitchen, the funfetti brioche is a variation on fairy bread. Instead of putting sprinkles on buttered bread, you actually bake the sprinkles into the loaf. This version alters the King Arthur brioche recipe by making it more festive.

To try this birthday fairy brioche at home, you will need multicolored sprinkles plus all-purpose flour, non-fat powdered milk, sugar, salt, instant yeast, eggs, lukewarm water and room-temperature unsalted butter for the brioche dough.

You can enjoy this dish as a dessert essentially any time of the day, or as a birthday breakfast. You get bonus points for using it in french toast.