The Social Art Box Project By Aakash Nihalani in NYC

 - May 16, 2009
References: aakashnihalani & woostercollective
Aakash Nihalani created an amazing project with a permanent housing program in New York City called ‘A Better Place.’ Nihalani got residents suffering from HIV/AIDS to interact with the art pieces they had made together.

It’s a simply stunning project. I love the way these colored boxes stand out while at the same time blend in with the surroundings. Perhaps this is a good analogy for how it must be for homeless people living on the streets.

I wasn’t sure how willing the residents were to participate, but their cautions, and my timidity, quickly diminished once we started taping," Aakash Nihalani said after he was approached to do the project by ACNY (Art Connects New York).

"By the end of the afternoon, they were all coming up with great suggestions on how to interact with their environment; each wanting to pose next to the pieces they helped create."