The BriefSkate Mini V2 Deck Features a Convenient Hidden Compartment

 - Nov 28, 2013
References: briefskate & hiconsumption
The BriefSkate Mini V2 Deck is offering skateboarders the unique chance to cruise around on their boards while simultaneously storing small goods and belongings under their feet.

Skateboarding has become a very carefree and youthful outdoor sport, often attracting youthful males with its fun and easy-going lifestyle. This BriefSkate Mini V2 Deck is here to make the boarding experience even more convenient by offering a practical hidden compartment that allows riders to store their phones, keys or whatever they need to. Hand-crafted with a unique shock-resistant interior pocket, this BriefSkate Mini V2 Deck is revolutionizing the way skateboarders handle their belongings.

Perfect for those who can't stand carrying things with them while freestyling or cruising along the half-pipe, the BriefSkate Mini V2 Deck will definitely help keep you hands-free as you attempt your tricks and jumps.