Bridge by Sébastian Preschoux Makes Spider Man's Web Look Weak

 - May 30, 2012
References: m-vs-m & designboom
Bridge by Sébastian Preschoux is an amazing art installation that may trick the mind to thinking it's a computerized modification.

These intricately crafted chromatic webs look as if Spiderman went on a web-shooting frenzy. This Parisian artist and designer created a series of threaded string installations that beam with color. Preschoux portrays these sculptures to look as if one were to step inside a laser security system.

These geometric installations have no blueprint but rather an artistic starting point that evolves into a spectacular outcome. The artist starts in a center point and works from there to create various points. To give the strings a boost, lighting was strategically placed so the photographer would be able to capture the perfect end product. Bridge by Sébastian Preschoux is an example of modern art without the use of computerized technology.

Photo Credits: designboom, m-vs-m