Brian McCarty Documents Children's Accounts of War Through Play Thera

 - Jul 10, 2011
References: mccartyphotoworks & laughingsquid
This unreleased documentary by still-life photographer Brian McCarty titled ‘War Toys’ fuses art with a sort of therapeutic insight into the innocent victims of war. Children are often the ones that are affected the most by the devastating results of war. Brian McCarty filmed his documentary in Jerusalem and interviewed children there. By means of play therapy, he was able to use children as part of the direct process of documenting. Children often are affected in their expression -- how they see, feel and perceive things -- by their environment.

Through this exploration, McCarthy is able to accurately and better understand how a child’s mind might work. This heart-wrenching documentary already has me in tears and proves that art is healing and can be used for more than just aesthetics. Look out for this documentary and its release, and watch children making art not war.