This Iconic Beer Maker is Changing Its Brewing Process

 - Nov 4, 2015
References: theguardian & munchies.vice
'Guinness' announced that it is changing its brewing process in order to accommodate vegetarian and vegan consumers. For many years the iconic Irish stout has used fish bladders in its filtration process. Now the company is replacing fish bladders with a vegan-friendly alternative.

Traditionally Guinness is brewed with a gelatinous substance known as 'isinglass,' which attracts yeast sediment and other particles that give the beer a cloudy appearance. Although isinglass is effective for clarifying the beer, it is made from fish bladders. The company is now planning on altering its brewing process by eliminating the use of isinglass. Although the new filtration process has yet to be announced, the company has promised that its products will be free from unwanted traces of animal-based products.

The move demonstrates an effort to accommodate consumer demands for vegetarian and vegan beer options.