Medela's 'Calma' Bottle Emulates the Natural Rhythms of Nursing

 - Jun 19, 2016
References: medela
'Calma' is the name of a natural breastfeeding bottle from Medela with a design that emulates the natural experience of feeding from a mother's breast. Medela notes that: "It does not interfere with breastfeeding and lets your baby feed the way they learned at the breast, which makes switching from breast to Calma and back easy."

The BPA-free one-size-fits-all breastfeeding bottle was developed with aid from breastfeeding experts from the Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group at the University of Western Australia. This innovative bottle design makes it possible for infants to drink, pause and breathe with the natural behaviors and rhythms they learned while breastfeeding. Thanks to a special venting system in the bottle, an infant is prevented from intaking air during a feeding session to promote a safe drinking experience.