Bravit Candle

 - Feb 18, 2008   Updated: Mar 31 2011
References: dedeceplus & inventorspot
Bravit Candles, designed by German-born and Eindhoven-trained Christophe van Bömmel, are made of sheets of paraffin. They have trails of wicks that cause the original flame to ignite other flames and to die out over time.

This can add a mood setting dimension of entertainment to your romantic evening. They come in different sizes and patterns.

Implications - These Bravit Candles are a simple solution to an often overlooked problem. Allowing you to burn an entire candle, the brand identified the shortcomings of other products in the industries and honed in on solving one of them. By addressing minor imperfections of a product instead of ignoring them, companies will rise above the competition and become favored by consumers.