The 'Brainy Bike Lights' are More Noticeable Than Generic Lights

 - Apr 11, 2014
References: brainybikelights & gizmag
Brainy Bike Lights are bicycle head and tail lights which feature an LED cyclist-shaped symbol instead of the usual row of generic shaped bulbs. The lights are the result of research conducted at the University of Oxford that showed that the human brain notices familiar symbols faster than generically shaped lights.

The researchers conducted tests that showed people were able to identify and respond to Brainy Bike Lights 100 milliseconds faster than generic bike lights. They were also more likely to figure out that the lights were bike lights as opposed to other bike lights.

While 100 milliseconds may seem like an insignificant period of time, it amounts to a distance of 1.34 meters for a car traveling at 30 mph. This essentially means that installing the Brainy Bike Lights could turn out to be a life-and-death decision.