Bradford Edwards Collected Hundreds of Zippos From the Vietnam War

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: cowanauctions & twistedsifter
The signature lighters are an iconic image of American history and Bradford Edwards took it upon himself to collect as many as he could from Vietnam that belonged to deceased soldiers. With each one emblazoned with a personal engraving, the collection of Zippos were recovered and collected by Edwards before being sold at auction.

The Zippo collection features a whopping 282 different lighters that belonged to soldiers during the long battle in Vietnam that saw heavy losses on the side of the Americans. The lighters have gone on to be sold in a single lot for over $35,000.

Hauntingly nostalgic, the collection that Edwards painstakingly curated took several years and strong determination, but what he was able to recover is a set of Zippos that belonged to the best and brightest that fell during wartime. If he had not collected them, they would have been left forever in the mud of the battleground.