1000 Piece Art Obsession

 - May 2, 2007   Updated: Apr 14 2011
References: torontoist & neatorama
Toronto artist, Oli Goldsmith has gotten a little bit carried away with his most recent 1000-piece installment all focused on Sasha Cohen's character, Borat. Likely not much more than a publicity stunt, you have to admit that the art is actually... good.

Implications - The portraits that Oli Goldsmith created are actually pretty sweet. After being asked why he chose to recreate the character in so many different styles, Goldsmith replied that it's an "unashamedly cheesy experiment in pop-art idiocy.” You'd expect the image of Borat to get old and tired after about 100 different interpretations, but somehow, Oli Goldsmith has found ways to make each piece individual and interesting.