Manon Richard's Page Holders Shine a Blue Light for Use in The Dark

 - Sep 6, 2016
References: etsy & mymodernmet
Manon Richards is the designer behind the Papillon9 Etsy shop that creates an array of glow-in-the-dark products including these illuminating bookmark designs. The page holders are three dimensional and shaped like animals, mystical creatures and other dainty objects made out of metal. The pieces are fitted with turquoise lights in certain areas that bring to life the details of the craftsmanship.

Often times readers reach for their books in the evening, which makes a glow-in-the-dark bookmark a great way to see a marked page in a dimly lit setting. The designs are made out of silver metal folded into the shapes of butterflies, mermaids, foxes and flowers. The bookmarks glow thanks to a phosphorescent element that readers can recharge under natural light.