This Paper Notebook is Made from a Conductive Bookbinding Glue

 - Nov 18, 2015
References: multiadaptor & psfk
'MultiAdaptor' recently designed a paper notebook made from conductive bookbinding glue. While most people have replaced their stationary sets with digital devices, some still prefer the feel of pen and paper. This program allows consumers to enjoy the feeling of using a paper notepad without sacrificing the convenience of using a digital device.

'My Edit' is a paper notepad that allows users to access online content. The notepad was created to promote 'Think With Google,' which is a groundbreaking marketing and research platform. The notebook itself is made from conductive bookbinding glue, which feeds information from the printed paged to an embedded circuit board. The technology allows users to access online content directly through the notepad. As a result, users can browse Google's interactive dashboard and discover relevant content almost instantaneously.

My Edit ultimately helps users connect to Google's new service by offering a unique sensory experience.