The Neat Effects of Tossing Boiling Water in Sub-Zero Weather

 - Jan 29, 2013
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Just in case you needed to make more snow on a sub-zero day, this awesome boiling water flash-freezing experiment is making the rounds on the Internet.

The effect is actually pretty incredible. The heated water molecules will freeze over before hitting the ground in very low temperatures, as it does in the -25 C temperature in the video that was filmed in Montreal, Canada. The awesome mist that results is a mix of flash frozen water and water vapor. The water has to be boiling hot and hovering at the evaporation point when it hits the bold air to get the misty effect in the video. 

Of course, this is an experiment that is doable by anyone with a heated pot of water and a freezing climate. One has to be careful to throw away from the body in case the boiling hot water doesn’t flash freeze if the outdoor temperature isn’t cold enough to achieve the flash freeze.