This Narrow French Townhouse Features a Textured Concrete Exterior

 - Oct 15, 2015
References: acau-architectes & dezeen
French architectural firm ACAU Architects designed this narrow family home on the outskirts of Marseille, France with a board-marked raw concrete exterior.

Measuring in at 1500 square feet, the 'Cap House' was built under both budgetary and size constraints due to the townhouse's location -- a narrow plot of land that sits between two other existing homes. To help distinguish the residence from other homes in the area, the designers decided to utilize a raw concrete facade that was board-marked to resemble the look of a wooden building.

Besides the concrete facade, the three storey Cap House also features an angular bay window, a concealed roof terrace and a combined guest bedroom, garage and workshop located on the ground floor. The choice of utilizing a concrete structure also removes the need for columns, allowing for an open floor plan on the inside with plenty of glass walls to help filter in natural light.