Mark Draisey Captures the Boyish Charm of British Boarding Schools

 - Oct 7, 2014
References: markdraisey & itsnicethat
Mark Draisey's boarding school photography will fill you with a sense of nostalgia -- regardless if you went to one or not.

There's something distinctly romantic about boarding school: ruddy-cheeked boys running through flagstone corridors, noisy dining hall antics and austere, bespectacled professors peering down their noses. The institution has been no doubt glamorized by film and fiction (Harry Potter comes to mind), a point that Draisey notes himself. However, according to Draisey, the historic surroundings, outdated uniforms and unusual charm are also factors in explaining the strange pull we have to boarding school culture. His photographs seek to capture the enigmatic spirit of the schools and the boys who attend them.

Draisey anticipates that boarding schools will begin the process of "rebranding and incorporating new technologies," albeit while continuing to hang onto their powerful history.