Noke is a Bluetooth Padlock That Uses a Smartphone to Unlock

 - Aug 26, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmodiva
With so much impressive mobile technology at our fingertips, Noke, the Bluetooth padlock is putting old numeric padlocks to shame. Noke is a creation by FŪZ Designs and it is app-connected, so that you can interact with the padlock in several ways. With Auto Unlock, you can set up the app so that Noke will unlock when you're in a range of about 10', although this distance can be modified or turned off entirely.

Unlocking happens when the lock's shackle is pressed, so that you don't have to remember any number sequences or dig around for any keys. Noke also works with anyone else you've given authorization to, which makes it easy to share valuables securely. If you do ever happen to misplace your phone or run out of battery, Noke has a Quick Click Access feature that lets you open the lock with a unique tap code.