The Bluegirl Fall 2013 Continues to Update Traditional Classics

The Blugirl Fall 2013 collection takes inspiration from traditional private school uniforms and gives it a more updated and modern flair. The clothing line, which is Blumarine’s more youthful counterpart, takes inspiration from fashion maven Alexa Chung.

Dark blue pullover sweaters are paired with a peter pan collar, which is reminiscent of Ms. Chung’s style. Skirts in various lengths and pants in the same tartan print gives off the school girl vibe. These looks are paired with some very elegant and fashionable overcoats including leopard printed garments of varying lengths and styles. Ruffles, lace, silk and some gold embellished dresses serve to complement the rest of the collection, which makes it stand out from any other line. Though there is not a lot of variety within the Blugirl Fall 2013 collection, the uniformity and simplicity makes it a sophisticated and chic line suitable for all budding fashionistas.