The Blue Whale Kite Will Have You Taking a Second Glance

 - Nov 27, 2012
References: theawesomer & techeblog
The Blue Whale Kite will have you mesmerized and captivated as you watch the mammal glide through the air. The kite is a life-sized 30 mm copy that is sure to capture the attention and envy of anyone within the vicinity.

The creator Peter Lynn Kites’ intention for creating this monstrous-sized flying object was to mimic exactly what a real whale looked like. From its color to the ventral pleats, he wanted to make it anatomically correct to really get the idea that you are looking at a flying whale.

As you watch the blue whale kite soar amid a blue backdrop it gives the appearance that you are watching a whale swim in its natural habitat of the deep sea waters. Upon sighting the kite, you'll surely say "Its a bird, its a plane, its a whale??"