Blue Iguana Software Helps Companies Become Eco Businesses

 - Feb 11, 2010
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Let me introduce to you a company that is green, aims to make other companies green, and raises funds in support of an endangered species. This is Blue Iguana Software, a business that, at its heart, is all about the environment.

Blue Iguana Software helps businesses become more environmentally friendly, which not only benefits the earth, but the company as well -- through cost reduction and efficiency. Companies use Blue Iguana Software to rate their business processes, infrastructure, products and the like. If they score high enough, they earn a 'Blue Iguana Software Green Certified Company’ seal; if they don’t, Blue Iguana provides a detailed report on how the company can be made more eco-friendly.

And what’s with the name, you ask? Well, the Blue Iguana is one of Earth’s most endangered species. Not surprisingly, Blue Iguana Software donates a portion of their sales to the Blue Iguana Recovery Program.

Talk about green business!