The Blue Bottle Filter Deters the Need for Water Bottles

 - Apr 11, 2017
References: kickstarter
The Blue Bottle Filter is a new product that aims to prevent the use of water bottles, a problem which is contributing significantly to pollution around the world.

As more people are turning to water filters instead of bottles in order to reduce their environmental impact, the Blue Bottle Filter aims to make this process more convenient. The filter can be placed in a 5-gallon, refillable blue water bottle and the water is then easily dispensed using a water cooler. Since the blue bottles are refillable, consumers only need to purchase one and can refill it an unlimited number of times. The filter is able to clean out "chlorine, volatile organic compounds, pesticides and herbicides."

The Blue Bottle Filter, made of activated carbon, works to clean water (whether from a sink, a tub, or a garden hose), without being inconvenient or detrimental to the environment.