BLOW by Ruben der Kinderen is Created Using a Toaster Oven and Air Pump

 - Nov 13, 2013
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With Etsy as strong as ever and the economy not so much, the do-it-yourself culture has grown so much so that BLOW by Ruben der Kinderen, an artist based in Eindhoven and Berlin, may not even surprise a few. Although it will certainly impress. It is a series of homemade vases that were created with the use of a toaster oven, air pump and pre-formed PET tube.

"A project inspired by contemporary products that have, for many, unknown production processes," as stated by the artist himself, BLOW by Ruben der Kinderen boils down the process of fashioning glass vases to the point that any person off the street with an inkling of interest could make one as well. It helps that the resulting home decor products are very chic and stylish.