Blanca Vidal Illustrates the 12 Horoscope Signs as Women

 - Feb 21, 2012
References: & blancavidal.tumblr
Even if you don’t believe in astrology, you have to admit that these Blanca Vidal illustrations are rather fascinating. Depicting the twelve zodiac signs as beautiful women, Vidal characterizes each lovely lady with attributes commonly associated with each astrological symbol. A crab-shaped ornament sits atop of Cancer’s head, while a girl’s blonde hair is braided into a stinger for Scorpio. The two funniest illustrations have got to be Gemini, which looks like a conjoined twin, and Taurus, who looks like a Chicago Bulls fan.

Blanca Vidal is an illustrator who currently resides in Barcelona, Spain. Her renderings look as though they were drawn using pencil and then scanned and enhanced using computer software, giving her work the best of what the digital and analog worlds have to offer. She’s equally adept at illustrating her subjects in a highly stylized or realistic manner.