Black and Pink Blackletter Fonts in 'Fraktur Mon Amour'

'Fraktur Mon Amour' is the title of a new book by designer Judith Schalansky which takes you on a historic journey through blackletter fonts. The book itself looks like a black and pink bible -- and will probably be considered a bible for all lovers of graphics and fonts.

Fraktur Mon Amour reproduces 300 variations of Blackletter fonts, ranging from historical fonts to contemporary reinventions in a sensuous, beautifully crafted hot-pink prayer book-style catalog that is destined to become a fetish object for designers and type enthusiasts.

The beautiful designer "bible" takes us through more than 300 different Blackletter fonts and each one is presented on a full spread with its complete alphabet, history including date of origin, and the name of its designer. In addition to that, you also receive a CD with 137 of these wonderful fonts for free private use.

‘Fraktur Mon Amour’ will definitely be a fetish object among typographic geeks - and the book has already won several awards including the Type Directors Club of New York's 2007 Award for Typographic Excellence.