Black & White by Alex Schier Features a Mysteriously Hot Martina Dimitrova

Model Martina Dimitrova is a study in mystery and feminine allure for Black & White by Alex Schier. The fashion photographer captured Dimitrova in a variety of all-black fashion, from shiny belted coats and police hats to leather jackets, bodysuits and a slinky knee-length number. The most dynamic image, however, is the close-up of Dimitrova's masked face.

Stylist Laura Klentze stuck to a basic palette of black with occasional splashes of white. The dark gray background used for the photo shoot made Dimitrova's long, wavy blonde hair stand out even more. Hair stylist and makeup artist Dorothee Meyer did an excellent job of giving the already-beautiful model a Bond girl quality.

Black & White by Alex Schier is exactly the sort of inspiration women need to channel their inner bombshell.