The biēm Butter Sprayer Turns Solid Butter into a Fine Mist

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: kickstarter & gizmodo
The biēm Butter Sprayer is a handy kitchen tool that turns solid butter into a fine mist. While many people enjoy adding butter to their dishes, it can be hard to add just the right amount without overdoing it. This device provides a simple way for consumers to control the amount of butter they add to their food.

The biēm Butter Sprayer is a hand-held tool designed to accommodate an ordinary stick of butter. Once the butter is placed inside the device, users simply slide a stick into the sprayer. The motion sensor inside will then turn on the device's heating element, which warms the butter to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, an air pump pushes the butter through a small nozzle as a fine mist.

The device is ideal for health-conscious home cooks who are looking for an easy way to add butter to their favorite dishes without going overboard.