Artist Billie Achilleos Creates Pieces for Louis Vuitton

Artist Billie Achilleos was commissioned to create a unique series of Louis Vuitton creatures.

Achilleos created them from Louis Vuitton products such as handbags and accessories, and then presented them at Louis Vuitton’s New Bond Street Maison in Paris. Billie Achilleos created four creatures based on the quality and uniqueness of the house of Vuitton. ‘The Chameleon’ showcases the richness of the designer’s colors; ‘The Grasshopper’ makes the sounds of zips; ‘The Beaver’ was for functionality; and ‘The Armadillo’ represents strength. Each creature represents a quality that makes it distinct from the others, just like Vuitton’s designs.

Each animal was intricately designed and looked almost lifelike. The Chameleon, my personal favorite, even has the sunburst eye. Billie Achilleos generated a beautiful series that was perfect for the Louis Vutton Autumn/Winter 2011 press event.