The Plume Bike Mudguard is a Chic Way of Protecting Your Butt

 - May 21, 2013
References: kickstarter & core77
One thing about owning a bike that people rarely mention is how dirty your behind can get when you’re peddling down a muddy or wet road, but luckily this bike mudguard will alleviate all worries of a soiled bum.

Plume is a recoiling bike mudguard that’s designed to accentuate the design features of any bicycle, as well as protect you from being soiled by the elements on the road. The mudguard conveniently coils up in a roll when there’s no need for it and can be removed very easily.

The bike mudguard houses a sleek sophisticated design that looks immensely better than those homemade water bottle flaps that people often showcase down the streets. The design of the mudguard looks like an extended seat of the bike, but I wouldn’t recommend sitting on it.