The Bheestie Bags Will Salvage Your Electronics from H2O

 - Oct 20, 2011
References: bheestie & treehugger
You never intend to drop your expensive gadgets into water-filled containers, but it invariably happens, and mercifully, the Bheestie Bag can now salvage your gear in the event of accidental water exposure.

When discussing electronics and eco-friendliness, it's difficult to find a compromise because the production methods of most companies leave the land and its people typically exploited. However, you can reduce your own footprint by preserving your gadgets for as long as humanly possibly. The Bheestie Bag ensures that your iPhone will, at the very least, reach its warranty date by preventing an early, water-induced death. Should you accidentally drop your smartphone into water, simply encase it inside the provided satchel and cross your fingers for 24 to 72 hours. The moisture-absorbing beads inside will suck out all the water, hopefully averting any long-term damage. Although the success of the Bheestie Bag depends entirely on your reaction time, at $20 it's an easy and affordable solution.