Model Beth Edwards Poses for the Latest Issue of Madame Air France

For the most recent issue of Madame Air France, photographer Marcin Tyszka shot alluring model Beth Edwards dressed up in mod office-appropriate garments. The shoot focused on a revival of mod trends for the fall season.

As Madame Air France attempts to predict the fashion crazes for the up-and-coming fall season, stylist France de Jerphanion dressed Edwards up in free-flowing chiffon blouses with puffy sleeves, poka-dot printed dresses, snakeskin trench coats and masculine business suits. Edwards even adorned a pair of white platform sneakers that are reminiscent of the Spice Girl craze in the late 90s. In keeping with the mod theme, hair stylist Federico Ghezzi kept Edwards' hair lightly curled with beachy waves and a blunt straight across bang. Makeup artist Silver Bramham kept Edwards' look neutral with a stark focus on making her eyes pop.