'We Love Colours'

 - Nov 1, 2008
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I'm so glad I was led to the door of 'We Love Colours' (a Suicide Girl take on a children's movie) as it is awesome.

Basically it's a site that works as an online bespoke hosiery ordering service. It has tights, thigh high socks, fishnets and even fish net body stockings (steady there boys) in 45 colours.  Although I think the 13 splash dye colours are a bit "living in the 90’s" for my taste.

They have stalkings for women, children and even men, but I am old enough to know that is it the sexier items that would attract people to this trend, like moths round a flame!

I got massively over excited, I am now on a major guilt trip and having beans on toast for my tea to compensate for the dent in my bank account.