Berg by Arash Eskafi Offers Easy Organization for Messy Folks

 - Feb 7, 2013
References: cargocollective
Perfect for those who would rather leave their clothes sprawled all over the floor than neatly organized in their closets, Berg by Arash Eskafi is a completely customizable wardrobe that sits on the ground.

An experimental art piece that also doubles as a unique organizer, Berg "plays with the notion of building your own space," according to Berg by Arash Eskafi has an asymmetrical shape which resembles a lopsided iceberg, but the clean-cut material and design makes it modern enough that it doesn't look too messy while underneath piles of clothing. Its non-hanger design also makes for a much easier clean-up time.

Throw your sweaters, jeans and whatever else you may have lying on the floor onto Berg to create your own chaotic, yet personally organized closet.