Benjamin Marra Renders Memorable Scenes from American Psycho

Christian Bale’s performance in American Psycho elevated the movie into cult status, and these Benjamin Marra illustrations recreate some of the film’s most memorable moments through black and white comic-style renderings. Readers should know upfront that, much like the novel and the movie, this series may not be for everyone.

Many of the pictures in this series include lines of dialog that are simultaneously humorous and disturbing as Patrick Bateman’s warped and arrogant attitude is conveyed to viewers. However, it’s Benjamin Marra’s art style that really steals the show, as the subtle perspective and physical oddities within each piece allude to Bateman’s repressed homicidal tendencies. His use of negative space also allows him to convey lots of details while still keeping things mostly minimalist, and the glare he renders on Bateman’s face is chilling to those familiar with the Bret Easton Ellis character.