Benjamin Béchet Imagines Cartoon Characters in Our World

Benjamin Béchet may have just ruined the childhood memories of millions of people. His photography features some of the most well-known and loved cartoon characters of this century and sadly, they're not doing very well.

According to Béchet, if Snow White lived in our world she would be much less of a princess and much more of a prostitute that hangs out under the highway. When Mickey Mouse got hooked on cocaine, which obviously ruined his life, he eventually lost everything he had and was forced to sleep outside for the rest of his life. Without Mickey in the picture, Minnie had no one to support her and her only option was to clean floors just to get by.

When even one's heroes have fallen to this kind of level, there isn't much hope left in the world. Benjamin Béchet makes grown-ups around the world depressed in a dark, yet inventive way.