Bellydance Superstars

 - Oct 3, 2008
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It's fair to say that the Bellydance Superstars are massive in popularity. They are a professional American belly dance troupe formed by Miles Copeland in 2002.

The past year has seen them dramatically grow in prestige and popularity around the world. They have built on their sell-out performances with workshops, events, DVD and CD releases, bellydance merchandise and music.

A recent tour of Taiwan saw swarms of people wrapped around city blocks, all the fans eager to meet the troupe. The news reported they had not seen anything like it since the Beatles. True to form, the Bellydance Superstars have performed for royalty around the World and for legends such as Alice Cooper.

Their shows are amazing, as you can see in the video, and their costumes incredible, with each taking about 100 hours to make.