Wildlife World's Urban Bee House Doubles as a Compact Nest

 - Jan 31, 2017
References: rodales
Wildlife World's portable beekeeping kit doubles as a makeshift nest for local honeybees and is ideal for use in backyard or balcony spaces. The brand specializes in sustainable and socially conscious products that include bat habitats along with bee houses like this one.

Due to the noticeable decline of honeybee populations in recent years, many are protecting the insects with DIY hives and nests that are elongating the creatures' lifespans.

Crucial to humans' long-term survival, bees are seldom praised and often get a bad rep among those afraid to get stung. Despite of these negative associations, major and independent brands are taking a stance in an effort to preserve bee populations for future generations. Wildlife World is one of these brands and its at-home, portable bee nests make the act of preservation an activity the whole family can participate in.