Devonport Chocolates is Now Producing Chocolate That is Made with Beef

 - Jun 10, 2016
References: & eater
An Auckland-based company called Devonport Chocolates recently created a beefy chocolate treat made with real meat. While there have been a number of companies that have attempted to combine bacon and chocolate, this brand is upping the ante with sweet treats that are 50 percent beef.

In order to make its meat-infused treats, Devonport Chocolates turns lean cuts of beef into a substance it calls 'chocolate butter.' The buttery mixture is then coated in chocolate to produce a treat that is similar in texture to Turkish Delight. Since the chocolate almost entirely masks the flavor of the beef, the idea is that consumers will be able to up their protein intake without the need to grill up a slab of steak.

While the beefy chocolate is still in the early stages of production, it is indicative of the ongoing demand for protein-rich products.