The Bedford Bag is Conveniently Convertible

 - Jul 5, 2012
References: facebook & kickstarter
The Bedford Bag is a convertible backpack that can be worn in three different ways. Instead of buying multiple bags, you can now easily change a backpack into a tote, or an over-the-shoulder carry on. The bag is designed by Julie Pinzer of Mokuyubi Threads, located in Brooklyn, New York.

The knapsack is currently available in red, blue and two funky designs. The convertible straps are cleverly hidden in pouches within the knapsack, which adds to the overall sleek and modern design. The designer is trying to raise money on Kickstarter in order to continue releasing the product in the United States as opposed to having them made overseas in an effort to support local business.

These backpacks are versatile, high-quality and great for all ages. Brands that can offer distinctive products that are purposeful are sure to lure in customers over other competitors in the market.