This Beauty Station Accommodates Your Technology

 - Nov 28, 2014
References: etsy
The Beauty Station by Etsy store iSkelterProducts is tech-optimized so that it not only stores and organizes all of your beauty products, but also accommodates your iPad and iPhone (it also works for most tablets). Best of all? It can dock more than one device at a time, fulfilling your multi-tasking needs.

This product is perfect for girls who are constantly searching for beauty tutorials on YouTube. You can now easily follow along on your iPad, which sits comfortably right in front of you -- no more craning your neck to see your laptop and mirror at the same time.

The Beauty Station features a sleek, sophisticated wooden design. It has been glazed with a stain-resistant sealant in order to protect the eco-friendly bamboo surface, which has been crafted by hand. Mark my words ladies, this is the future of beauty!