Beatrix Cottonmouth Illustrates Morbid Depictions of Young Girls

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: sleepyfeet.deviantart & juxtapoz
Looking at the art portfolio of Beatrix Cottonmouth, you’ll find an eclectic collection of aesthetic styles. She’s definitely a versatile illustrator when it comes to how she renders her images. What she renders, however, has a little more cohesion, though her penchant for drawing bloody, bruised and injured females may unnerve a few viewers initially.

Beatrix Cottonmouth often employs female subjects who have defeated expressions on their faces, which is understandable when you consider they have scraped knees, bloody noses and, in extreme cases, missing limbs. I’m sure viewers would have similar facial expressions if these horrendous things were to happen to them.

Cottonmouth’s work is entirely provocative because she is willing to present women in ways viewers don’t normally get to see them in, providing her audiences with original content and ultimately being inventive in a community that likes to recycle ideas.