Odd Viral Encourages Fake Violence Against Kids

There are a lot of questions we would like to have the answers to. I’m talking mind-numbing, earth-shattering questions like, where does the white go when snow melts and why can’t you ever go home? Thank goodness for the Internet and the multitude of sites that help us in our eternal quest for knowledge.

One such site, HowManyFiveYearOldsCouldYouTakeInaFight.com, provides a survey that, once completed, will tell you how many five year old children you could fight at one time. If you do happen to satisfy your curiosity and take the survey, you’ll discover that "This Quiz Was Created By Mingle2 - a Completely Free Online Dating Site." I’m wondering if the results are displayed on your dating profile and if this sort of information is important in choosing a mate.