The CGear Giant Beach Blanket Creatively Clears Dirt and Sand Away

 - Apr 19, 2013
References: hammacher & thegreenhead
One of the best parts about the summertime is being able to spend the day at the beach, and if you're looking to find some practical items to take with you on a hot summer day, then the CGear Giant beach blanket will make laying out in the sun super comfortable.

While most people end up simply taking a towel to the beach to lay on, it often results in sand pilling up on top of it as the day goes on. This creative beach blanket is here to solve all of those problems. The CGear Giant is creatively designed with layers of patented woven polyurethane, which serves to filter any sand or dirt that happens to find its way onto your blanket. Therefore, this unique material keeps your beach blanket clean and clear from any unwanted sand while you enjoy fun in the sun.