The Batgirl Bathrobe from ThinkGeek Channels Your Inner Superhero

 - Aug 21, 2013
References: thinkgeek
When you're Batgirl, it's hard to keep your identity a secret at all times. This new Batgirl Bathrobe from ThinkGeek, however, makes sure that as soon as Batgirl steps out of the shower, her identity remains a well-kept secret.

This bathrobe is made of soft, black polyester, and comes with a hood modeled after Batgirl's iconic mask. The Batgirl insignia rests on the robe's left side, its bright yellow hue standing out against the robe's black body. This robe even comes with a utility belt to tie it closed while ensuring that Batgirl is never without her handy gadgets.

The Batgirl Bathrobe is the perfect gift for superhero-loving girls everywhere. While being a fantastically useful product and a bathroom staple, this robe also channels a big personality. Whether you've got a mini Batgirl at home, or you're looking for a cute bathroom accessory for your upcoming dorm life, this robe is a post-shower must-have.