WillCall’s BarTab Enhances Your Alcoholic Experience at Concerts

 - Jan 19, 2014
References: fastcompany
BarTab is a new app that allows you to order drinks at a concert without missing any of the show. The app extension aims to enhance the fluidity of the concert experience by allowing customers to order their drinks simply by using their name, in effect, eradicating the need to grab your wallet and wait in a painstakingly long line.

Capitalizing on venues that make approximately 70% of revenue through the selling of liquor, the app aims to streamline the tedious money transactions from the hand to an integrated app. For customers who have bought tickets through the WillCall app, they have the luxury of being able to simply give their name to the bartender and have their drink charged directly to their credit card.

"Our vision was to remove all potential frictions from buying a drink while enriching the person-to-person interaction that occurs between bartender and patron," says Donnie Dinch, CEO and founder of WillCall.