'Bang Your Own Drum Identity Work Card' for Your Inner Percussionist

 - Apr 27, 2011
References: theconsult & thisiscolossal
The next time you send a memo, spice it up a bit -- and no, I don't mean by drawing flowers and smiley faces on it. Use the 'Bang Your Own Drum Identity Work Card', which will be more entertaining than a few scribbled emoticons.

The 'Bang Your Own Drum Identity Work Card' is a simple, but quirky, item that brings out your inner percussionist. There's a mini pad on the side that's perfect for the drum stick pencil, or you can use just your fingers to drum on it. You can also use this as a business card, but you'd have to actually write all your information down, which could seem unprofessional.

The Consult is the firm behind the 'Bang Your Own Drum Identiy Work Card.' These were created for the communication firm of the same name.